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Tax on KiwiSaver (ESCT)

The monthly IRD reports are causing some confusion for clients running a computerised Payroll program. The schedule doesn’t include a column for the ESCT tax but the remittance advice does. The Employer monthly schedule (IR348) prints figures for Gross Earnings, PAYE, SL, and KiwiSaver. It doesn’t show the tax (ESCT) on the Employer contribuion. See […]

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How do I email Payslips to employees?

Answer 1          For each employee that you want to email, go to Maintenance, then Maintain Employees then Personal Details and set up the employee with an email address and tick the Email Pay Slips box 2          When printing payslips you are now able to email payslips to employees flagged to receive them by email. You […]

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How is the Leave Accrued in Advance figure calculated?

Answer The Leave Accrued in Advance calculation estimates what amount of annual leave an employee has accrued since their last holiday anniversary. For example if 2/3 of the year has elapsed since the anniversary date, the employee is potentially due 2/3 of their annual leave allocation. e.g. 0.66 multiplied by 120 hours equals 79 hours. […]

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