5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Pay Drama

frustration with holiday pay

Are you dreading your staff complaining about their holiday pay? Here are some ways to avoid the pitfalls. Holiday Pay can cause a lot of stress and so learning some simple rules can help smooth the way to better employee relations.  For example; Annual Leave holiday pay is treated differently from Public Holiday pay and so […]

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Do I need a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

bookkeeper or accountant

There are differences between bookkeepers and accountants and you could save money by knowing what those differences are. Apart from the obvious cost difference of each role, there are functions a bookkeeper generally does not perform. On the other hand there are jobs that an accountant will do but charge a lot more for – […]

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Holiday Pay Headaches

Christmas business shut down

Xmas is coming yet again. But before we can swap the keyboard with a glass of wine many of us need to prepare holiday pays for the shut-down. Yes, it’s a headache but one which can be mitigated if you take the time now to plan it. Whether you use MYOB Payroll, ACE Payroll, IMS Payroll, […]

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Want to speed up your MYOB AccountRight?

Some find AccountRight Live slower than your old desktop version of the software.  Some find AccountRight Live faster mainly those who have been using MYOB Premier. Generally it is slower but the enhancements to the software reduce the time we take to do accounting. Check the table below for possible ways to speed up AccountRight Live: Possible cause Try this […]

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