Annual Leave update didn’t work – MYOB Payroll

If no Annual Leave was calculated for my employee and the Holiday Pay remained the same then an employee has been set up with NO ‘Normal Hours’ and therefore NO Annual Leave entitlement. You will need to manually adjust both of these fields and do a manual anniversary adjustment.

Setting up the Annual Leave Entitlement

1. Go to Maintenance > Maintain Employees > Select Employee

2. Click on the Leave Details Tab.

3. Make sure that you have entered the employee’s Normal Days/Week and Normal Hours per week.

By entering in the above information the payroll will automatically calculate the employee’s Annual Leave Entitlement.

Example: Ella works  5 days per week and 8 hours per day = 40 hours per week.
Ella is entitled to 4 weeks Annual Leave per annum  = 160 hours per year.

Holiday pay will accrue throughout the year at 8% (4 weeks) and at the employee’s Holiday Anniversary Date, the Holiday Pay will roll down into Annual Leave.


If the anniversary has already been rolled we would recommend restoring a backup prior to rolling the anniversary and entering in the required information  an Annual Leave Entitlement is calculating (as shown above) then rolling the anniversary again.

If this is not possible you will need to adjust the leave manually. The anniversary update process is very important and must be run on the first pay after anniversary date. If it does not update then your leave figures are incorrect.

Lynley Averis

Lynley is an MYOB Certified Consultant & has been involved in training in New Zealand since 1985. She's written various accounting & MYOB workbooks including co-authoring “Bookkeeping for Dummies”. She has consulted on all versions of MYOB Accounting, Retail and Payroll over the past 18 years and has previously worked for MYOB. She currently consults to NZ businesses on all aspects of business systems - her mission for clients is for them to spend as little time as possible doing accounting!