How do I import timesheets from MYOB AccountRight into MYOB Payroll?


In MYOB Payroll

  1. Open your accounting product and print off a copy of the Activity ID’s  (These must be set up in Time Billing using an Uppercase font)
  2. Open Payroll and set up your Departments/Cost Centres using the identical names given to the Activity ID’s.
  3. Set up the Pay codes ALSO using the same identical names as the Activity ID’s and then go to Maintain Employees/Pay Default-Totals and set up the required pay codes for each employee.

In MYOB AccountRight

  1. When ready to export the data Open MYOB AccountRight
  2. Choose File, Export Data, Activity Slips from the menu
  3. In the Export Data dialog box
  4. Select Comma Separated & Data Record
  5. Select the From & To dates
  6. Click Continue
  7. Choose the following fields in this order. (It is assumed that the start & Stop times will be blank, if not then choose other fields that will be blank.) If the times are to be allocated against departments/jobs then choose the Job field instead of stop time. (The employees default department will be used and the Job will override the employees default cost centre).

Emp Co./last name
Start time
Stop time or Job

  1. Click Export, Save & Yes to save the file into the MYOB Premier folder

Open Payroll and use the Import Timesheets browser button to find the file (SLIPS.TXT) to import this data into the Payroll.

Lynley Averis

Lynley is an MYOB Certified Consultant & has been involved in training in New Zealand since 1985. She's written various accounting & MYOB workbooks including co-authoring “Bookkeeping for Dummies”. She has consulted on all versions of MYOB Accounting, Retail and Payroll over the past 18 years and has previously worked for MYOB. She currently consults to NZ businesses on all aspects of business systems - her mission for clients is for them to spend as little time as possible doing accounting!